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we're writing in our livejournals again!

julie left me a comment saying that we should start writing in our livejournals again so i figured i'd take a break from stripperobics to type a little entry! i have a lot of new things going on in my life and its so refreshing. i feel so good. i moved back to westfield on the first of december- my apartment is gorgeous and HUGE and filled with two of the most amazing people i have ever met-- my bests, james and julie. its incredible. i STILL work at applebees, but i'm trying to fix that..its so ridiculous there, i really think i need to get out. or maybe just be there less. A LOT less.

obviously my personal life is going fabulous too, which is why i am currently sitting alone drinking an appletini and typing a livejournal entry. ha. hahahah. but whatevs. i'm not too worried about it, i'm definitely not looking for some sort of long term relationship anyway. i plan on staying away from those for a very long, healthy time. so long that it becomes unhealthy. i just want to have fun and see what happens. dating is scary, anyway. [insert more excuses to why you don't have a]

the nice thing about being out here is that i have time to clear my head. everything is fresh, new, and fun. i'm really enjoying life and having a great time. its not that i don't love my family and friends from home- i miss them like crazy. but being out in western mass is what works for me- so i go with it. don't fix it if its not broken!

well, carmen electra is waiting to teach me more about getting exercise by dancing around like a stripper. its silly, and totally not sexy at all. hahaha. whateverrr.

love you bitches! <3
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