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yesterday was an amazing day. i wish i was still hiding in that fort. laying in bed all day is WAAAYY underappreciated. i'm just saying, its way better than coming home to realize that your brother has trashed your old bedroom where all your stuff still is, only to basically tell you its your fault for leaving things there. oh, and someone took my HUGE change thing that probably had an upwards of $50-70 in it. its not the money that bothers me, its the principal. i just want it back. it's just not nice. my feelings are hurt by the fact that other people dont care about my feelings. don't call it 'overemotional'. when you're an asshole, sometimes it bothers me. i wish i had that ability to just not give a fuck about anything. its not that easy for me.

i'm bringing LJ back in a serious venting way.

also, valentines day is wednesday. this year, i dont have a valentine. i love you, julia.
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