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valentinesss dayyyy

well, today is valentines day. instead of ranting and raving about how sad it makes me, i'd like to say that i'm not sad. i'm actually pretty happy. i'm going to try & chip the ice off my car, drive to the store- buy myself some flowers, maybe a bottle of wine, and definitely some more chocolates. [whoever thought that ONE coconut cluster was enough for the whole box was wrong. dead wrong.] i mean, don't get me wrong..who wouldn't want a secret admirer to send them a whole bouquet with a cute note attached on such a superficial holiday? but the thing is, i'd like a bouquet of secret flowers anyday. why would not receiving them only make me sad on february 14th? instead, i opt to be happy everyday. and if i want flowers, i just go and get flowers. and i loooooove flowers. so, whats the big deal? there isnt one. irregardless of whether my mom keeps telling me that i need to go out and fall in love with husband material. its like, take it easy. when it happens, it'll happen. and plus,'wise men say, only fools rush in.'. thanks.

in other news..well, there really isnt too much other news. its a snow day and i have a ton of mathematics homework to do. happy valentines day<333
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